Joe Beach, Mamallapuram, INDIA - Friday 5th to Monday 8th May 2016

Conference Theme: CARDIJN TODAY: Inequality, Ecology & Diversity
Draft program only (Subject to change)

Friday 5th May 2016: 

Arrival – Registration – Inaugural Session at 06.00 p.m.

Saturday 6th May 2016

Session I - Plenary

08.30 to 10.00 a.m.: 

Opening prayer

Introductory Session

Introduction of participants 

Objectives of the conference, content and program schedule 

Focus of the Conference: Cardijn and Vatican II: Presentation by Stefan Gigacz

10.00 to 10.30 a.m.: Break

Session II - Plenary

10.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.: Cardijn Today: Inequality, Ecology & Diversity

Key Note Speaker: Charles Santiago, Member of Parliament, Malaysia (CCI Resource Team)

Presentations on the situation of inequality, ecology and diversity in different countries: 

Australia, Africa, Belgium, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka & Thailand

12.30 to 02.00 p.m.: Lunch break

Session III – Plenary

02.00 to 03.00 p.m.: Country reports - continued

03.00 to 03.30 p.m.: Break

03.30 to 04.30 p.m.: Plenary - Synthesis of the realities of Inequality, Ecology & Diversity – A Global view

04.30 to 05.30 p.m.: Review of Life (ROL) groups

05.30 to 06.30 p.m.: Leisure

06.30 p.m.: Eucharistic Celebration

Sunday 7th May 2016


Session I – Plenary

08.30 to 08.40 a.m.: Reflection and Opening Prayer

08.40 to 08.50 a.m.: Recap

08.40 to 10.00 a.m.: How the spirit and decisions of Vatican II were lived – TESTIMONIES

Presentation of testimonies: YCW, CCI, YCS/YSM, MIJARC, CWM, SCM and other Cardijn movements and other initiatives 

Experiences of work of Cardijn movements among people of other faiths 

10.00 to 10.30 a.m.: Break 

Session II - Plenary

10.30 a.m. to 12.00 noon: Living the Spirit and Decisions of Vatican II – Presentation by Experienced Resource Speakers

Session III - Plenary

12.00 noon to 12.30 p.m.: Presentation of Synthesis on Questions and Challenges: 

12.30 to 02.00 p.m. Lunch break

Session IV: Group Discussion

02.00 to 3.00 p.m.: Challenges before us 

Session V – Plenary:

03.00 to 04.00 p.m. Presentation of Group Reports

04.00 to 04.30 p.m.: Break

04.30 to 05.30: ROL groups

06.30 p.m.: Eucharistic celebration

AFTER DINNER: CULTURAL NIGHT – Participants to come in traditional/national costume/dress. They are requested to bring their country flags, snacks and other items to be shared with others during the event.

Monday 8th May 2016


Session I: Plenary

08.30 to 08.45: Reflection and Opening Prayer

08.45 to 09.00: Recap

09.00 to 10.00 a.m.: Our Tribute to Cardijn, Cardijn martyrs and pioneers

10.00 to 10.30 a.m.: Break

10.30 a.m. to 11.00 noon: Tribute Session – continues

11.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon: PLAN FOR THE FUTURE 

12.00 noon: Holy Mass

12.30 p.m.: Lunch break

02.00 p.m. to 04.00 p.m.: PLAN - continues

04.00 to 04.30 p.m.: Break

04.30 to 05.00 p.m.: Conference Conclusion Session