Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Conference with a Difference

The time tested See-Judge-Act methodology promoted by Cardijn is once again on the centre stage of universal debate thanks to Laudato Si’ the recent encyclical of Pope Francis on Environment.

Pope Francis has adopted the See Judge Act method to awaken the world on the need to protect our environment through a ‘swift and unified global action’.

It is not the first time the Church has recognised the importance of the Cardijn methodology to express its position particularly in its social teachings.

Saint John XXIII had formally recognised the ‘See Judge Act’ method in his encyclical ‘Mater `et Magistra’ published in 1961.

In his address to a gathering of Christian workers near the tomb of Cardijn on May 19, 1985, Saint John Paul II exclaimed: “The whole world can be grateful to Cardijn for a pedagogy that he has put in place, in the form of the famous trilogy: SEE-JUDGE-ACT”

CCI which has taken upon itself the task of promoting Cardijn’s spirituality, vision and SEE JUDGE ACT methodology, in its journey for 14 years, is trying to promote this unique methodology particularly to the next generation.

In fact, CCI is a resource group of trained people with their ‘core competency’ in Review of life (ROL) based on See Judge Act.

All the projects and programs of CCI are always based on See Judge Act methodology and aimed at promoting the ‘Review of Life’.

Review of Life – the basis for the conference

The CCI International Conference is another occasion to practically experience the ‘Review of Life’ based on See Judge Act.

For those who had been through Cardijn movements, ROL is a way of life and the See Judge Act methodology is used in all their day to day life situations.

Cardijn methodology of See Judge Act is a tool of analysis as experienced by all of us in our lives and not an end in itself. Review of life is merely not an exercise but should lead us towards the final goal.

The methodology helps us to effectively see the realities; judge the situations based on our own experiences; the experiences of those who struggled before us; our own faith and Word of God(those who believe in God and non-believers too); Social Teachings of the Church; Human Rights and other charters of UN; laws and legislations in our places and other reference points. The actions will follow based on our study of realities. Review of life necessitates also a proper evaluation of the action taken. Thus it becomes a continuous process of review, action, evaluation and action towards change for a better world.

Let us bring such experiences to the conference and resolve to act to build a new world as envisioned by Cardijn. The conference is participatory wherein each person will have a definite role and not just an intellectual debate or presentation of papers by some experts.

The resource persons too are from the Cardijn movement background.

If you have a glance at the proposed draft program, it enables us to begin with SEEING  the reality of inequalities existing in our places and countries, the ecological degradation happening and the situation of diversity in terms of language, religion, cultures, ethnicity, customs, beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. In the JUDGE part, the participants will be presenting as to how the decisions of Vatican II in terms of social teachings and lay participation have been lived and experienced by them.

The presentation by the participants will be followed by testimonies of a few resource persons who are all from Cardijn movements.

We expect that the presentations and testimonies on lived experiences would indicate the successes and failures, challenges faced, limitations and areas still to be covered.

The conference would offer a unique experience of ROL groups which will in fact be a community of like-minded people journeying together.

Guido Vogels, President of Cardijn Community Australia and who attended the last Conference Preparatory meeting has outlined what is expected of the ROL groups. He explains that “we will be having review of life groups meeting every day facilitated by trained facilitators and these people would meet every night to collect data, the same groups would be meeting for the 3 days, for continuity, efficiency and building community; they would prepare mentors for following day so that at the end it would all come together. The actions are coming from the members of the review of life groups which are then presented to the conference floor”.

Guido will be briefing the groups on the method of work.

In the ACT part, proposals emanating from the ROL groups and from the discoveries and conclusions of each part will be considered by the Conference for drawing perspectives.

Cardijn perspectives will be the guiding point in the whole process.

Tribute to Cardijn, Cardijn martyrs and Pioneers

Before concluding the conference,we will be paying tributes to Cardijn, Cardijn martyrs and Pioneers who struggled before us to build a better future for us and for the generations to come. This is also a rare opportunity for all Cardijn followers to unite in spirit to honour them for showing the way for us to continue their mission.

You are welcome

The program proposed is only a draft which will be fine-tuned with inputs from you all and a final program will be presented at the conference. However, the main outline could be seen from the proposals.

We are waiting to receive you all at Joe Beach, the exotic sea side conference centre where we will See Judge and Act – joyfully and as one community. Welcome to you.

Those of you yet to register, please do register soon. Do not miss this rare opportunity of the congregation of Cardijn lovers.